14 / 2021-06-18 14:22:08
Model Improvement and Optimal Design of a Large-Load Magnetic Levitation Gravity Compensator
Magnetic levitation, Magnetic spring, Gravity compensation
Levitation technology
Final Paper
He Zhang / Harbin Institute of Technology
In this paper, a large-load coreless magnetic levitation gravity compensator is analyzed and improved in aspects of model improvement and parameter optimization. Composed of three layers of 2-D permanent magnet arrays, the magnetic levitation gravity compensator can generate a large levitation force and be used as the suspension support in the ground test of large space optical equipment. To increase the model accuracy, the analytical model which only considers the working point of the initial position PM is improved. By considering the actual working points of the PM at all positions, the model error can be reduced and the stiffness value can be calculated more accurately, which is verified by 3D finite element simulation. Finally, the optimal parameters of the magnetic levitation gravity compensator are obtained using genetic algorithm.