17 / 2021-06-18 14:22:08
Decoupling Control of Traction-and-guidance in Bilateral Air-core Linear Synchronous Motor
Bilateral air-core linear synchronous motor, mutual inductance gradient, decoupling of traction and guidance, ultra-high-speed maglev.
Trend and new development of linear drives
Final Paper
Qiang Chen / College of Intelligence Science and Technology; National University of Defense Technology
In this paper,the electromagnetic force model of the motor is established based on the mutual inductance gradient of the coil.By analyzing the relationship between the electromagnetic force, electromagnetic gap and d-q axis current,a decoupling control method of traction-and-guidance in bilateral air-core linear synchronous motor is proposed.This method realizes the independence of motor lateral movement and traction movement.Its effectiveness is verified by simulation, which provides a method and idea for the guidance control of the motor under ultra-high speed operation and other industrial applications.