347 / 2021-06-18 14:22:25
Research on Fractional-slot Concentrated Winding Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motor Based on Field-circuit Coupling Method
layered model, field-circuit coupling, no-load EMF, reactance
Trend and new development of linear drives
Final Paper
Jikai Si / Zhengzhou University
Fractional-slot concentrated winding permanent magnet Linear Synchronous Motors (FSCW PMLSMs) are widely used because of its low cogging force and high thrust density. An analytical magnetic field analysis based on the layered model is established by solving the governing equations, and the field-circuit coupling method is used to compute the no-load electromotive force (EMF) and synchronous reactance. Finally, the finite element method (FEM) and experimental platform are established to verify the validity of the analysis.