Full Paper Submission

  Full Paper Preparation

The template of the final manuscript provides a detailed description of paper preparation. The maximum number of pages is 6. Papers exceeding 6 pages will not be accepted.


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   Full Paper Submission

PDF files must be created based on IEEE PDF eXpress. Prospective authors are suggested to submit copyright only through here. Please select the "copyright submission" option and follow the steps prompted by the system to submit.


Authors may update the final submission by uploading the latest version to cover the previous one due to the deadline.


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   Submit Conference-based papers to IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications

Journal papers based on conference articales must have "substantial additional technical material with respect to the conference article or articles". Examples of possible updates are improved text, new figures, and/or additional experimental results. Authors should update at least 20% of the technical material in a conference paper before submitting the manuscript to IAS for review.


There are three additional requirements for the updates:

(1) The conference paper must be added to the references of the updated paper.

(2) Authors must clearly indicate how the new submission differs from the conference paper.

(3) All authors of the conference paper should be included as authors of the updated paper. Conference paper authors who are not included will be asked to verify they agree to be removed.


The updated version of the conference paper should be submitted for review within one year after the date of presentation. After the paper is presented at the conference, the author should start the review process by 1) sending a copy of the paper in PDF format and 2) confirming the name, affiliation, and ScholarOne ID of the one person who will be the contact person for the paper. If the contact author does not have an IAS ID, the contact author should register at here. The paper can be either the original conference paper or an updated version of the conference paper suitable for review. The paper and information about the contact author should be sent to eic-tia@ieee.org or directly to an IAS Papers Review Chair.