Winding Design and Optimization of Single-phase Permanent Magnet Tubular Linear Generator for Direct-drive Wave Power Generation
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This paper presented a winding design of a single-phase permanent magnet tubular linear generator. The tubular linear generator with lower power and direct drive has potential application in wave power generation. The generators has two symmetrical phase windings, which connected by a suitable capacitance to output equally power with high efficiency. The winging adopts appropriate short-pitch winding to eliminate low order harmonics uniquely for two-phase windings. More efforts as for appropriate skew slot has been made to lower the sine distortion rate reduced by tooth harmonic and longitudinal end effect of linear generator. Also some efforts has been made to enhance power density and save material consume.
Single-phase windings, tubular linear generator, short-pitch winding, skew slot
Aiyuan Wang
Prof. Shanghai Dianji University

Submission Author
Aiyuan Wang Shanghai Dianji University
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