Upgraded Limited-Step Predictive Current Control Strategy for Linear Induction Machine based on Linear Metro
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This paper emphasizes improving the control algorithm for speed regulation of the linear induction machine (LIM) used in the linear metro application. The main objective is to improve the conventional limited step predictive current control (LSPCC) scheme by considering all disturbances in the speed loop, thereafter the motor speed becomes less effective by any disturbance or load variation. The suggested scheme also improves the reaching time of the LSPCC by using a robust sliding mode controller (SMC) instead of the traditional PID controller on the outer speed loop. The proposed control strategy can decrease the time for LIM to retain the desired value rapidly, and also make the system more stable while changing speed and load. Simulation and experiment results validate the control method's credibility and prove the superiority of the proposed scheme.
Linear induction motor, sliding mode control, model predictive control, end-effect, linear metro
Syed Arslan Bukhari
Huazhong University of Science and Technology;School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Syed Arslan Bukhari is a Ph.D. student in HUST.

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Syed Arslan Bukhari School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Huazhong University of Science and Technology
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