A Zero-position Correction Method for a Novel 6-DOF Magnetic Levitation Motor Using Excitation Current
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In order to reduce the position measurement deviation caused by the machining and sensor installation errors, the paper proposes a zero-position correction method for a novel 6-DOF magnetic levitation motor using excitation current. A 6-DOF measurement system for the motor is introduced. The excitation current model is derived in terms of the mechanical structure and electromagnetic characteristics of the motor. Based on the relationship between the excitation current and the position of the mover when the mover is stably levitated, the zero-position offsets could be calculated to correct the zero-position of the measurement system. The experimental results verify the effectiveness of the proposed method.
zero-position correction;magnetic levitation motor;position measurement
Huang Zi-Na
Shenzhen University;Guangdong Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Control and Intelligent Robots

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